Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

mid and large water maker


The development of industry and the rise of living level have caused water shortage problem in many countries, with DESALITE® Sea Water Reverse Osmosis technology will production of extremely high quality product and will enlarge the needs of high purity water.
DESALITE® Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Machine consists of five main equipment sub system such as Guard Filter, High Pressure Pump, Pressure Vessel, Semi Permeable Membrane and Control Logic Panel.
With DESALITE® Reverse Osmosis Machine Water flows selectively out of Concentrate Salt Solution (Concentrate Water) and Low Salt Solution (Permeate Water).
Every feature and detail of DESALITE® Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Machine has been designed for easy, assured performance and user friendly for simplicity. All Switches, Gauges and Control are readily in view at any location.
The result is the easiest to use, most versatile Reverse Osmosis Machine System ever made.





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